The “Are we actually Blogging?” Blog

In our work here at Salem Psychological Associates, we routinely encourage our clients to try something new, to push themselves to approach something a different way. Whether that means asking children to use words rather than behaviors to express themselves, asking an adult to test whether their longstanding fears are justified in their adult lives, or challenging someone to face the world without substances, therapy almost always includes asking ourselves to try something in a new way. I have to confess, however, that as a relic of the pre-internet era and as one who has routinely found the use of a computer to only add, not solve, problems, I have had to be dragged (encouraged, cajoled, teased) into the modern age. Like the famous television slogan, I have always learned to communicate the old-fashioned way—by talking. No surprise then, that Salem Psychological Associates is only now venturing into the modern age with a website, years after they became the norm for…just about everyone.

So, yes, we now not only have a website, but it will have a blog! I’m not even quite sure what a blog is, but what I do know is that our staff has lots to say about a range of important topics. What I also know is that our staff is committed to doing everything we can to help individuals and families to lead more productive and rewarding lives and that, along with our services here, we will use this forum to provide periodic updates and advice for our clients and readers. I can’t promise how often we will make entries (after all, change is a gradual process) but I can promise that we will take seriously our commitment to providing education, guidance, and support for those of you who find us here, or at our office.

So, with a willingness to challenge myself…welcome to the Salem Psychological Blog.

Phil Robbins, Ph.D.
Co-founder and President, Salem Psychological Associates
February 2014